Product Feature Roadmap & Revenue Model Evaluation

Case Synopsis -

As a Georgetown senior, Claudia Recchi (ClassPulse CEO & Co-Founder) was frustrated that she couldn’t provide timely feedback to her professors about the effectiveness of their teaching. In most cases, schools use course evaluations only after courses have ended, which means they have never been designed to improve the quality of the teaching and the overall learning experience for the students. In an effort to try and fix this problem for herself and her peers at Georgetown, she built a product and got 12 professors on board for a pilot.

In less than one year, ClassPulse has on-boarded thousands of students and faculty from close to 200 schools around the world and has been covered by some of the education industry’s top media outlets including the Chronicle of Higher Education, Inside Higher Ed, and the Washington Business Journal.

The company is growing fast, but is still pre-revenue, and the management team needs help thinking through the business model. ClassPulse is aware that in order to charge any of the stakeholders for their product, they’ll likely need to further develop their product features and data analytics. ClassPulse is hoping to enlist your help as student consultants to figure out the viable customer segments, the possible revenue models for the company, the pricing strategy they could use, the features they would need to build in order to deliver the most effective product possible for their customer, and the goals they should set as a company for the next few academic years.

Project Goal

Help a startup that's disrupting the college course evaluation process by assessing their product roadmap and revenue model.

Key ClassPulse Metrics

  • 350 active professors from close to 200 school using the product
  • 2,000+ total student users registered

Relevant Topics

Growth Strategy


Product Design & Development

Research & Development

Sales & Business Development

Software Design & Development

Learning Objectives

  • Contribute to product management/marketing discussions; think about features that can be added or removed.
  • Experience and contribute to company revenue strategy discussions.

Company Overview

HQNew York
# Employees1-5
Hiring Potential
  • Follow-on Projects
  • Formal Internship
  • Entry Level Full-Time
  • Upper Level Full-Time
Growth StageEstablished Startup
Funding StatusSeed Stage
Funding SizeUnlisted
DescriptionClassPulse is a mobile application that helps instructors and institutions gather actionable student feedback in real-time. As you probably know, the traditional feedback system is extremely inefficient. The feedback that students share in course evaluations is often rushed and comes too late. It is hard for students to think back to specific instances throughout the semester when the professor could have done something differently once the course is over. There is also no incentive for students to make that effort since they won’t be the ones benefiting from the adjustments. The lack of high-quality student-to-professor feedback hurts students just as much as it hurts instructors. ClassPulse aims to change the status quo. We want to give students the chance to share helpful feedback in the moments when it comes to them most organically, and we want professors to be able to benefit from this feedback and improve the classroom experience in real-time. ClassPulse makes feedback timely, specific and actionable. We help steer the conversation away from generic statements such as “Awesome guy” or “Horrible Class” toward specific comments such as, “I would love to do more exercises like this” or “Please walk through your examples more slowly.”We equip instructors with the information that they need to improve their course while they still can

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