Marketing Content – Established Dog Wear Brand

Case Synopsis -

Our goal is to create content to be utilized on our social media, website, advertisements, emails, etc. We currently have an established brand on Social Media, and are looking to bolster our marketing content.

Relevant Topics

Corporate Social Responsibility

Customer Service

Growth Strategy


PR & Communications

Sales & Business Development

Learning Objectives

1. Content for our website a. This is content used for pages on our website. This can include graphics or images to improve the overall appearance of the site and to explain items on the site in a picture representation. b. Videos to add to our website. (Look at pura vida for example). We want to create a higher conversion for ambassadors who go to our website. 2. Content for Facebook advertising a. We currently run ads to generate messages on Instagram and Facebook. We would like to continue to update our content, and test new strategies to generate leads 3. Content for our social media a. We currently use User Generated Content for our social media, but would like to introduce higher quality content to our social media and website. This would include items for tik tok, Instagram, Facebook. 4. Content for emails a. Graphics to include in our email marketing. This includes abandoned carts, welcome emails, order confirmations, etc.

Company Overview

NamePack Leashes
TaglineWe sell quality pet products in the pursuit of putting food in shelter dogs' bellies.
# Employees5-10
Hiring Potential
  • Follow-on Projects
  • Formal Internship
  • Entry Level Full-Time
Growth StageHigh-Growth Startup
Funding StatusUnfunded
Funding SizeUnfunded
DescriptionPack Leashes is a brand that stands in the crossroads of durability and fashion. Pack Leashes makes bow tie collars and reversible harnesses with matching leashes for dogs to express their fashionable side. Pack Leashes also has climbing rope leashes that come with a carabiner on the end. The rope leashes are super sturdy and ready for adventure. For every sale made, Pack Leashes donates 2 pounds of dog food to shelters in need. To date, Pack Leashes has donated 60,294 pounds of dog food and counting every day. Pack is a huge believer in giving back, and providing a grade A product at the same time. Pack Leashes doesn't plan on stopping the donations any time soon and hopes to reach 1,000,000 pounds soon.

Project Resources

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Project Milestones

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